Dear few followers i have! This is Sparky! He is a stray dog who has been in my boyfriends neighborhood for over a month now. He is a sweet gentle in need of a good home! However, another family in the neighborhood decided it would be best to have him sent to the pound so he doesn’t have to live on the streets. He has about 3 tumors on his body, and i think it is very unlikely he will get adopted  in 14 days.

So i need a serious signal boost! If someone on tumblr adopts Sparky from the Rowan county pound in North Carolina, i will set up a fundraiser page on tumblr so we can have him sent to the vet and possibly remove the tumors!

I feel really bad because i meant to do this weeks ago, but now he’s being sent to the pound and it’s possibly my fault he wasn’t saved in time. :(

Please, im begging you. He is such a sweet dog, and deserves a life.

Help me save Sparky.

This is my 3rd time posting this, because no one has reblogged it.

what does it take to get you peoples fucking attention?

i see shit like this all the time on tumblr, with plenty of notes.

But god forbid one of my 84 followers reblog it.

I am genuinely upset.

just click the fucking reblog button. thats all im asking.